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Fun for both children, young people and adults.

Have you discovered our arcade?


On the first floor of Riddergaarden you will find a large area set aside and rigged for games and entertainment.

You will find pinball, pool tables, air hockey, simulators and other types of games. Games you can have fun with alone, but mostly there are games where you play against others. It makes it more social.

The arcade offers informal play and fun, something for both families, groups of friends and individuals. It's a fun and energetic environment. A good environment where everyone can unleash their inner child and just have fun!

Right on the outside of the gaming world there are sofas and charging points and with only glass doors to the arcade area, this is a great place to be at some distance, while still having a full view.

You will find the arcade directly to the left of the main entrance to Riddergaarden.